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art intro

Welcome to my art portfolio. My hope is to share with others my love and appreciation for the artistic process and encourage others to engage in their own art-making. The act of creating has such incredible possibility. For me, art has always promised the opportunity to play; juxtapose unlikely combinations, emphasize the fleeting, practice simulations for life's quandaries. Art is means for expression that has the power to transcend language. Art provides the tools to reflect and comment on that which there are no words for. I mostly love the way art connects people. I can look at a piece of art created by someone else and recognize that same feeling, experience, thought in my own life. Art has as special way of celebrating our common humanity. 

My hope is that as you look through my artwork, you can also relate to my feelings, experiences, and thoughts. I hope my work inspires you to create your own artwork and practice the vulnerability of sharing with others, of being seen, and connecting with our common humanity. 

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